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Send His Love

In His Presence

A card is a small way to remind someone that Jesus loves us and is always there no matter what we face. And your presence is a living reminder of His love.
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At the heart of every message is  the hope that comes from Jesus' amazing love and grace. 
As we prepare each card, we also pray for a prepared heart to receive the message.
Having a card in hand creates more opportunities to be present for others and share His love.

Small gifts and necessities provide shelter from the storm and a reminder of His love and care.

We address every card to a dear friend or a precious child of God. More people can be reached, and we're encouraged to learn the names and listen to the stories of everyone we meet.

God Knows Their Name

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Help Send His Love

There are many opportunities throughout the year to Send His Love to people in your community. New designs are chosen each year for holidays like Thanksgiving, Christmas, and Easter.​
  • help stuff and seal envelopes

  • deliver cards and visit recipients

  • donate to help reach more people

Contact us to get involved!

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This Easter, share the message of salvation and remind someone that they are safe in the arms of Jesus no matter what they are facing.

Safe In His Arms
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