Present for Jesus

Every moment is a gift, and we can choose to embrace it. Our mission is to find creative ways to share how to be present for Jesus by spending time in His presence, receiving His love, and giving it to others.

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Spend time with Jesus  throughout your day. Give Him your heart, and He'll show you the way.

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Love and accept who God made you to be. Filled with His love, it will flow from you to others you see.

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The saying that "it starts at home" is so very true. Be fully present for those closest to you.

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You can be Jesus' hands and feet by showing His love and care to each person you meet.

A Gift For Our King

What can you give Jesus this Christmas? Give Him your heart by spending time in His loving presence and sharing His love with others.

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year Faceb
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Click this card for Christmas presence